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Fund Raising


Q: How does our organization earn money?
A: 15% of all sales (pre-tax) that your fundraiser brings in will be donated to your organization. A check will be issued approximately one week after your event. Gift card purchases not applicable toward fundraiser sales.

Q: When can we hold our event?
A: We recommend Wednesday or Thursday nights, we are also able to have all day events as well.

Q: How does it all work?
A: Once you have chosen your day(s) and date(s) you are able to promote your event with flyers, website announcements and e-mails. If you need we will be able to customize and e-mail a flyer to you for your use. Every person that is attending your fundraiser will be required to bring in the flyer with them so we can be sure to apply 15% of those sales to your organization.
Please note: Flyers should be distributed before your event.

Q: Why Teakwoods?
A: Many people have heard of Teakwoods and know what a great product we provide. All of our locations are kid friendly and provide a great atmosphere for families. We also pride ourselves on making this fundraiser easy on you while still producing a significant amount in donations.

Q: How to increase success?
A: We recommend placing flyers in newsletters, passing out during large gatherings and meetings, send via e-mail or e-vite to family and friends, P.A. announcements and using social media (facebook, twitter, etc.).

Please contact any of our 2 valley locations to set up your fundraiser.
*All fundraising events are subject to date and time approval by restaurant management