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Our famous “Best of Phoenix” classics for the true traditionalist.
1/2 DOZEN: $8.49
DOZEN: $11.49

*Teakwood’s has always been committed to providing our guests with the highest quality products. In the last year, there has been a major change in the chicken wing market and the overall availability of supply. This change, has resulted in an extreme price increase for the products we purchase. Our commitment to you is that we will not compromise the quality of the products we purchase and provide you.

However, we have reached a point where we can no longer sell our award-winning wings at the current menu price. In an effort to give our guests a choice, prior to ordering wings, we want to let you know that we have instituted a temporary price surcharge. The surcharge will remain until the supply level stabilizes. Once we see supply levels improve and pricing return, we will immediately remove this surcharge.

  • ½ Dozen (Bone-In) Wings Surcharge $1.50
  • One Dozen (Bone-In) Wings Surcharge $3.00

All white meat, breaded chicken bites, fried and tossed in your favorite sauce
A FULL POUND: $10.49

All white meat, classic tenders, breaded and fried tossed in your favorite sauce
A FULL POUND: $10.49

Mild, Medium, Hot*, Suicide*, Honey BBQ, Honey BBQ Hot, Honey Hot, Teriyaki

Please ADD $1.00 for Specialty Flavors Below 
Jess Jess
our medium sauce with fresh garlic & bleu cheese crumbles then finished on the grill
El Heffe
our mild wing sauce with fresh garlic, cilantro, kissed with suicide then finished on the grill
Thai Cina
our honey hot sauce with fresh basil & red chili flakes
sweet prickly pear mixed with medium wing sauce, fresh garlic, and cilantro

*Our hot & suicide sauces are very hot – order at your own risk! No returns